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Super Growth Energy Shower Filter


Energy Stone shower filter

'Energy Shower' will provide both you and your family with a truly healthier shower experience. Energy Shower does what all other quality shower filters are designed to do ...reduce free chlorine from shower water. The reduction of chlorine is important, as it provides relief from skin irritations and hair problems associated with chlorinated water.

Because of the rapid flow rate* of shower water through the shower filter media, current technology limits the ability of shower systems to provide a shower experience equal to that of having a whole house filtering system.

A Healthier Shower Experience
The Energy Shower system will add significantly to the pleasure and health of your showering experience. With the addition of the acclaimed SGE mineral stone, far-infrared ceramic, magnetite ore and ceramic magnets, your showering experience is elevated to a quality that is unmatched by any other shower filter system.

The Energy Shower with its production of the highest quality negative ions and far-infrared energy will contribute to healthier skin and hair, and the positive and invigorating effects of negative hydrogen ions.

*Having a shower head that limits water flow rate to 1.5 - 2 gallons per minute, will significantly improve almost any shower filter's performance.

*Having a shower head that limits water flow rate to 1.5 - 2 gallons per minute, will significantly improve almost any shower filter's performance.

Available in brass, brushed steel or chrome finish

Over 16 oz KDF-55, with catalytic carbon provides 30,000 gallon capacity 12-15 months of free chlorine removal.

Magnetite / ceramic magnets produce water with lower internal surface tension, giving it a softer feel and increased solubility, this give the water anti-scaling qualities, allow for easier cleaning of mineral residue from shower area.

FIR Ceramic and SGE Mineral Stone delivers infrared energy and negative ions that refreshes and invigorates, and contributes to noticeably healthier looking skin, and hair that is softer, better conditioned and more manageable.
Detoxifies harmful organic compounds and inhibits the growth of bacteria, algae and fungus in cartridge housing.


Additional Features

30,000 gallon capacity (12-15 months)

Hand held wand with 5 adjustable spray settings.

Available in polished chrome or brushed steel finish

Estimated installation time: 5 minutes

Limited Two Year Warranty

Shower housing and cartridge housing made in United States



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